Girls, Girls, Girls…

This blog is barely a couple of posts old and I’m already receiving – and taking – requests for topics. This one goes out to Big Al Barriga!

As Big Al (and I) have noticed, Barcelona is absolutely crammed full of smokin’ hot totty, cheeky chicas, sexy senoritas, bootiful babes, gorgeous gals, luscious ladies, badass bitches and dribble-inducing divas… what more can I say? Nothing really, which is why I’ve gone for a musical tribute instead. Here are my top five tunes about God’s greatest creations:

1) Peaches – Dub Pistols cover of Strangler’s classic feat. Rodney P

2) The Girls – Calvin Harris. If I was a boxer I would want this to be my grand entry tune…

3) Peaches – same name different track. Good BBQ song this one, by A. Skillz and Krafty Cuts

4) Girls – hmmm, not much variation on the names here, but I assure you they all sound different. Much silliness from the Beastie Boys.

5) Senorita – I can feel my impression coming on. No top 5 would be complete without a little JT in the mix.

Right, I’m sure I’ve missed some really obvious tracks here, so let me know and maybe we can make this a top 10! Girls, out of respect for sexual equality I give you boys, boys, boys…

3 responses to “Girls, Girls, Girls…

  1. I concur. I live near las ramblas and it hurts – in a good way – to go outside. cheers

  2. Haha, yep pretty intense ogling to be done on Las Ramblas! Not to mention Barceloneta…

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