Should Skateboarders Grow Up?

I used to own a skateboard. I was 12. They were the all the rage at the time. Possibly it was still the 80s, I can’t remember that far back and my maths is crap, but undoubtedly Back To The Future had a lot to do with it. Anyway the point is I grew up and I put my skateboard down and I became a productive (ahem) member of society.

Imagine my surprise then when I rock up to Barcelona and find that not only is the city full of skateboarders, but half of them are older than me! Or at least in the same age bracket. 14+.

Can you really expect the world to take you seriously if you roll up to meetings (or anything for that matter) on a children’s toy? How much will it cost in laser surgery to remove those ridiculous tattoos when (or perhaps I should say if) you grow up? And before you have another go at landing that frontside board slide can I just ask you if you’re covered for dental treatment in Spain?


Ha ha

Despite the scornful looks I dish out whenever passing MACBA however the craze for skateboarding in Barcelona is still going strong and kids come from all over the world (especially from countries with a high rate of fashion victimitis, such as US and Sweden) to mince around the city. Apparently Barcelona is ‘blessed’ with very flat roads and pavements.

Anyhow, maybe I don’t like skateboarding because I was seriously shit at it, or maybe it’s because it’s fucking dangerous and I’m a pussy, or perhaps it’s simply that everyone who does it is a knob. Whatever the reason, I’m going to continue to look down on the pathetic individuals practicing their skills on Placa Universidad (and punch anyone who sends their board flying at my ankles) – even if they are older than me.

If you have a wildly different opinion on the matter, and are sentient enough to string a sentence together, feel free to add the yang to my ying…


6 responses to “Should Skateboarders Grow Up?

  1. Why should people over the age of 14 not skate any more? Why do you not take people seriously when in their spare time, they have a hobby, which just happens to be skateboarding? What is the difference between someone who spends their life rolling around on a board for fun and those who for instance go to the gym and essentially run on the spot on a treadmill, when they could run out side in the real world with a changing scenery.

    I personally am a skateboarder, I’m coming up to being 20. I am also a graphic designer. I have friends who skate at the age of 25+. You make a point about “serious” professions, another friend of mine is an accountant who is covered in tattoo’s (which he can conceal for work) and he skates daily.

    Skateboarding may be “dangerous” but at least it is creative, and skilled. Surely you must realise its much more constructive than playing Call of Duty on X Box for instance. There is a real community, quite often I meet people I wouldn’t normally through skateboarding, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like as long as they are rolling on a board ill try and get to know them.

    I think your generalisations of people are very immature and naive, just because some one does something that you may not understand or even like you can not assume they are all “knob heads”. we do not intend to cause damage to places or your ankles or face for that matter, I’m sure when a board shoots out on most occasions there will be a skateboarder running after it to try and stop it, but we are not superhero’s its not always possible.

    As a final note, we are all human, we all have to live together so try to see things from other peoples perspectives and maybe even try and get to know some real skateboards before you dismiss all of us.

    • Haha, fair play Metagraphic! I was being slightly facetious in my disdain… I’m just jealous because I can’t do it! Although still not convinced re: tattoos… but that’s a different post;)

  2. Here here, metagraphic. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    @barcelonafr3k …. there are a lot worse things out there than skateboarding these people you look down upon could be doing.
    Maybe you should observe and learn to appreciate the skills the skateboarders have spent so long honing instead of dishing out “scornful looks” just because something isn’t ‘your cup of tea’. You say these skateboarders should “grow up” but in the generalisations you make in putting them down you sound immature yourself.

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