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Kitesurfing in Barcelona

I’ve never been one for sports any more dangerous than beach volleyball. The only time I went skiing I catapulted myself off the side of a mountain and, after flying through several branches, face-planted myself like a javelin in the snow (both painful and humiliating). My solitary attempt at surfing, apart from a great deal of freezing my arse off, involved a lot of drinking brine and panicked life or death doggy paddles to shore. In short kitesurfing is not for me; but, as a dedicated chronicler of all things Barcelona-related, and in the interests of more intrepid adventurers I thought I’d feature a quick post about this reckless and irresponsible pursuit all the same…

Along with regular surfing, which has become a popular trend in Barcelona during the winter months, kitesurfing has really gotten big on the Costa Brava. Obviously part of that is the sport’s increasing profile worldwide, but – so I’m told my my adrenaline-seeking kitesurfing buddies (who I religiously avoid at weekends) here in Barcelona and around we have perfect conditions. Something to do with onshore winds I am told. That and the fact that the Mediterranean is lot warmer than the North Sea. Factor in the relative easy of getting to Barcelona, and you can see why kitesurfing schools in Catalonia are doing a roaring trade teaching city slickers how to catch some air (or whatever the expression is).

One of the local hotspots is Castelldefels (just 20 mins from Barcelona by train, so perfect for those who want to combine kitesurfing with culture and nightlife), where at least three schools offer to take beginners from newbie to pro in just a few hours of wetsuited work out. My friends meanwhile enjoy going up to Sant Pere Pescadors, where a designated kitesurf area (sea space?) is available at Can Martinet.

Anyhow, if you are so inclined and want to book kitesurfing lessons in Barcelona or Castelldefels then get in contact with mi amigos as Barcelona Life who can hook you up with several kitesurfing schools in Catalonia and assure me (would they lie?) that they charge the eager boarder no booking fee whatsoever for their friendly service (in other words I guess they charge the school… but hey what do you care!).

As for me dear adrenaline freak, I will be on Mar Bella beach doing nothing more hazardous than playing a bit of volley. Although come to think of it, I did get horrifically stung by a bee last summer so maybe I should leave this dangerous past time alone…

…anyone for ping pong?