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Summer: The Story So Far…

Yes, it’s been a long time since my last post but then again, who can blame me? It’s summer in Barcelona and I’ve got a tonne of much better things to do than type up ditties for you guys. (In fact I was planning on being on the beach playing volleyball right now but a rogue bit of Barcelona rain has put paid to that!).

Summer really is a non-stop party everywhere in Spain, but Barcelona in particular. You can place the start of the season where you like but I think a good a landmark as any is the Primavera Sound Festival (official website). Naturally I was too poor to go to the whole shebang, but after seeing a post on Couchsurfing I bought a night ticket for the Friday for some mash-up dubstep sounds. Being older than the average woolly mammoth’s tusks (btw did you know there’s a mammoth museum in Barcelona??? Something on that another time!) my knowledge about the genre and artists was vague at best but I must say dubstep rocks! Diplo, who seems to be the crowd-pleasing guru of dubstep if this show was anything to go by, seems to encapsulate the basic concepts of the art form fairly well. His set basically consisted of well known dance and hip hop tracks with a ridiculous fat bass throbbing underneath all the mid and high notes. For me Joker was much better, with really deep almost emotional (yes, I was drunk) introspective style of original tracks. I guess he is the LTJ Bukem (who I met incidentally in Krakow, when I was high of my nuts.) of the genre… anyway much fun had by me and the two lovely CS girls I went with, and next year gonna hopefully have the dinero for a full week ticket.

That was the last week of May, but things really hot up in Barcelona, literally and figuratively speaking, in June. First up is the Sonar festival (official website). Again a limited supply of euros stopped me from snapping up a ticket for the whole weekend (it’s a three day, two night event), but me and my ex-companero de piso and compadre in crime, Albert (aka Big Al), decided to repeat 2009’s shenanigans by attending Sonar By Day on the Saturday. This year I took it much easier (went a bit OTT in 2009!) and as usual Barcelona’s cool cats were out in droves, raving in the sunshine at the MACBA. Good times even if the only act I had heard of was Uffie, and she was fairly pants to be honest. Oh well.

Most people need weeks to get over Sonar festival, but unfortunately by now the parties are coming thick and fast. Just a couple of days after Sonar finished came Sant Joan – the most famous party night of the year… but I might save that for Barcelona Summer part dos. Adios for now amigos…