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Sitges Beach Resort… New Guide!

If you read my post about the Sitges carnival, then you’ll already know that just down the coast from Barcelona exists a lovely little summer retreat/beach resort called Sitges! With its famously good light – there was a school of Modernista painters who relocated here specifically to capture its radiance on canvass – seventeen beaches (count ’em!) and charming, bar-laden alleys, it really is the perfect place to escape Barcelona for a day or five.

Looking back over one of Sitges seventeen beaches

Not that Sitges is a quiet little village, with nothing going on. It’s reputation as a gay party resort means that all kind of tight-speedo-wearing hombres turn up to make eyes – and quite a lot more – at each other, especially during the summer months when the nightlife is in full swing; but as long as you’re not a homophobic type then you’ll find there’s plenty of room for all. The only thing Sitges doesn’t tolerate is intolerance, and this liberal laidback town is popular with families, couples and straights too. Plus around 30% of residents are from outside Spain so the vibe is very cosmopolitan and international.

I would tell you a lot more about this charming little place, just a day trip away from Barcelona, but it would be pretty pointless as my friends at Barcelona Life have beaten me to it… by launching a brand new travel guide to Sitges, called Sitges Life of course! It’s literally fresh out of the box, so you’ll have to give it a couple of months before every hotspot has been discovered and charted, but you’ll find much of the wisdom you’d expect from such a website, starting with the lowdown on tourist attractions, to information about Sitges hotels, apartments, restaurants, bars and clubs, plus of course a map of Sitges and the latest weather.

If for some reason you can’t find what you’re looking for then check out the official website of the city, which should be able to help out.