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Barcelona Travel App for iPhone

So you’re rich enough to afford an iPhone, but you’re too tight to pay for a travel app? Well you’ve got to cut corners somewhere amigo. Never fear you Mac-loving penny-pinching hipster, those gurus of travel at Lifeboat Ltd. (which I admit I might be slightly affiliated with) have released a corker of a travel app that not only covers Barcelona but some 25 other cities as well – and yes that’s right it’s completely free!

Using the Local Life app iPhone users can quickly see the nearest hotels apartments and hostels (you really should have booked in advance!), restaurants, bars (it’s even more reliable than an alcoholic’s nose in that sense) and god forbid cultural attractions if you really are running out of things to do on your Barcelona trip!

Once you’ve seen what’s nearby you can also actually check the reviews to see if this entity you’re heading towards completely sucks or not and even get directions. All in all, having road tested it a fair bit myself, I can honestly say it’s pretty handy!

So once more with feeling… for your free iPhone travel app to Barcelona click on this iTunes store link!