About Barcelona Fr3k Blog

Barcelona Freak is essentially a self-indulgent, non-world-changing blog, in which the author proposes to stick information, musings and observations that flit through his semi-functional grey matter during his stay in the capital of Catalonia. He does however hereby reserve the right to add highly irrelevent and arduously dull posts that don’t even stick to this wide and increasingly pointless brief. If you have some wet paint that needs watching he will fully understand.

9 responses to “About Barcelona Fr3k Blog

  1. Really enjoying your blog, we visit Barcelona a couple of times a year and like to keep up to date with new stuff and where is good to go for food/shopping/music and general fun! Living in London I know its hard to get under the skin of a city without living there but blog reading really helps, so thanks.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the link, which I’ve reciprocated on my blog.

  3. Hola!

    My name is Pierre, and I work for InterNations.org, maybe you have already heard of us? If not, we are the largest social network catering to expats working, and living abroad.

    As an expat focussed network, we like to share with our members what expats experience in their host country. For this, we try to find interesting blogs of expats talking about their experience.

    Why your blog? Because I find it outstanding! I can say that I really enjoy reading it and specially because you don’t only talk about your expat life but also give tips on what to do and what to see in the country, and you also talk about things with a critical point of view.I am sure that our members would love to have access to your blog and it would be a honour if we can count on you :).

    If you are interested in having your blog featured on our website (InterNations.org), or need more information, please let me know.

    I hope to hear from you soon, and wish you a great day!

    PS: Could you please delete this post once you read it? Thanks.

  4. Hi,
    I would love to share with you my new timelapse film from Barcelona:

  5. Hello,
    I’ll be visiting Barcelona and Cadaques soon. I’ll be there a few weeks and your blog has really helped me understand the culture better. Not to sound strange or anything, but is there any way we could meet when I get there? I have some specific questions regarding music and culture.

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