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Polish chicas, on the tourist trail and some clubbing

Just spent an enjoyable week entertaining two rather gorgeous girls from my erstwhile adopted homeland of Poland. It’s easy to be snobby about seeing a city from a tourist point of view but Barcelona really does pull out the stops when it comes to sightseeing and it was a pleasure to revisit all the greats with guests in tow… as well as get in some bikini time (the Polish girls, not me).

Having also done some fairly extensive club crawling I’m still not entirely satisfied by the Barcelona nightlife, and waiting to find my niche. We did Jamboree, Catwalk and Razzmatazz, but the first two are typical tourist fare and the latter is a just a huge crush (a night spent queuing in effect!) and def too much for a clubber of my advanced years. Did turn up a new place called Marula which may be worthy of a second look. Met a French DJ called Fred Spider and although I can’t recall very much of our 2 hour conversation I seem to remember we shared the same music taste and nightlife outlook… he plays there at weekends so I’ll get back to y’all if I get around to going.