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FreakĀ Out

A maiden blog. What excitment! Que potencial! Clearly what is required here is a statement of intent, and possibly an explanation of the name – Barcelona Freak. Beginning with the latter… apart from the perhaps obvious meaning of someone who has a hard on (figuratively speaking) for Barcelona, it is an ironic statement based on the skewed norms of this weird and wonderful city. Virtually everyone under the age of 30 looks, dresses and snarls like a rebellious teenager from a gritty arthouse flick, complete with excruciatingly painful looking piercings, asymmetrical and frankly abstract haircuts and more tattoos than a sailor who’s just been initiated into a South Amercian pygmy tribe. This is a city where being alternative is so commonplace that it can barely be considered being alternative any more. It took me a while to get used to, but now I’m quite enjoying being in the minority… an (almost) unashamedly middle class, not-completely-left-wing, tattoo-less, unpierced, pale (well quite tanned right now but pale on the inside), employed(ish), vaguely establishmentarialist and very conservative Englishman. In other words, a freak.

This blog (aforementioned statement of intent coming up) will be nothing more important than my discoveries and musings in the city (Barcelona-related or otherwise), including anything too rude to publish in my everyday work… I guess that’s all for now. Freak out.