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The Rain in Spain…

For me (and most expats in the city) things to do on a rainy day in Barcelona generally involve all the things I should do when it’s sunny, but end up neglecting because I’d rather be on the beach. These invariably include laundry and work of any kind. However as I had guests in town recently, and it did rain quite a bit, I was left scratching my head on how to entertain them when sangrias on the sand was no longer an option.

Well La Sagrada Familia is an obvious option, but with potentially long queues outside and getting there and the fact that the views from the top are not as nice on a grey day, I would still rather hit Gaudi’s famously unfinished masterpiece on a fine day than a rainy one. Obviously, parks are out, so let’s see what we’re left with… here are my top five suggestions for things to do on a rainy day in Barcelona: (As I gain more experience living in the city, I may well feel the need to revise the list but this should keep you busy for now!)

1) Barcelona Aquarium – Ok, I have to admit I am a bit of sucker for aquariums (in fact my friend has even opened one in Krakow – check it out!), and this one has plenty of marine goodness going on… you won’t catch me diving with sharks though!

2) Picasso Museum – Love this museum. Partly because I was never the biggest Picasso fan, but this museum really charts his evolution as an artist and helped me appreciate his genius. Plus he was a big fan of Polish vodka, which makes him all right with me. The museum is fairly big and will keep you busy long enough for any passing storm to blow itself out.

3) Shopping – Even I renew my pants supply occasionally, so I may as well do it when it’s raining. Covered shopping malls in BCN include L’illa Diagonal, Diagonal Mar and Maremagnum.

4) Go-Karting – One for the boys! Bit of a favourite with stag parties, the track is indoor so a good ‘whatever the weather’ option. Here’s the website.

5) Arab Baths – One for the girls! Ok, I haven’t actually been but check the website. It looks real nice, and if you take your girlfriend I’m sure she’ll repay the favour in kind… Not that I know your girlfriend really well or anything, she just seems the grateful type.

Right what better way to round this rainy days post off than with a top five rain-related songs… yes, I do like a top five. And I do long songs, so don’t be surprised if I make them a regular feature of this fr3ky old blog of mine. How about some reverse order in the house?

5) Alice in Chains – Rain When I Die Kick off with a grunge classic!

4) Garbage – I’m Only Happy When It Rains The famously scary/sexy Shirley Manson (Surely not her real name? I just Wiki-ed her and it is – plus she is 43 years old!!!) sports a lovely pink number in this vid.

3) Peter Gabriel – Red Rain One of my fave tracks by our Pete.

2) Heather Nova – London Rain I went through an about ten year obsession with Heather Nova. She’s kinda cheesy but the early stuff in particular is damn fine…

1) The Eurythymics – Here Comes The Rain Again They really were good, weren’t they?

Right, I know you were waiting for Guns and Roses/Prince, but I’d like to retain a modicum of originality where I can… if it’s raining where you are feel free to compile your own far superior top five and whack a comment up below. Or even better suggest something great to do in Barcelona when the weather is bad. Adios for now amigos.